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What is Tharapa?

Tharapa allows SMEs and Enterprises to set up their digital stores inside their Facebook Messenger.

Your customers can browse through the galleries about your products/services, see details about those and can even order online throughout the smooth fully automated process. Tharapa can even redirect those orders to our partner delivery services too!

Setting up a chatbot for your business is easier than ever with Tharapa.

Let us know your idea, we will setup a chatbot for you, pick a package and your chatbot is ready serve your customers.

Why Tharapa?

  • Initial Messenger Chatbot setup support
  • One-click Instant Chatbot Builder
  • AI Image Recognition system to detect product from image enquiries
  • Multiple language support
  • User-friendly dashboard for chatflow creations and sales order tracking
  • Retargetable customer database
  • Ability to redirect the received orders to our partner delivery service providers


  • Chatbot automation
  • Product gallery
  • Message broadcasting
  • Analytics with data export
  • AI Image recognition
  • Dashboard access
  • Inventory management
  • Stock management
  • Order management

Tharapa can be used for

Physical Shops

Customer Service

Restaurant Booking

Hotel Reservation

Class Schedules

Jewellery Shops

Online Shops



Give a try to our live Messenger Chatbots from some of our clients set up by themselves!

"Sign up and stay in touch with your customers 24/7!"

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